The Address of Fashionable Manila

Power Plant Mall was established in 2000 as a comfort and convenience offered to Rockwell Center’s residents, with only a dozen of stores, marking Rockwell’s major retail milestone — the creation of “Fashionable Manila”. Today, Power Plant Mall has expanded to over a hundred stores, catering to the needs and wants of various individuals, both residents and guests, who have come to regard the mall as their second home.

With the expansion of Rockwell Center, Power Plant Mall grows simultaneously, adapting to the market’s changing lifestyles and evolving tastes.

“We always enjoy coming here either to watch a movie, shop, or just hang out. It’s clean, safe, and quality wise, everything is top notch! We always make sure we come here everytime we visit Manila!”

“I can definitely say the best Christmas Mall [sic] decors will always be [at] Power Plant Mall… we love the very elegant and festive feel… during [Christmas] season.”

“The mall houses a good mix of lifestyle and fashion boutiques, interesting and diverse food concepts, a supermarket with a wide assortment of goods and produce, and even a state-of-the-art movie theatre.”

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