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A woman who claims she doesn’t bother with makeup is telling a thousand white lies. Makeup to a girl is like bread and butter, one can’t function without the other or rather, one needs the other to enhance its already great qualities. Giving mom the gift of beauty is always a welcome treat, especially coming from one of the most
trusted brands the world over.

Power Plant Mall - Estee Lauder

Estée Lauder isn’t only known for their premium make-up line; their skincare products, especially the night repair kit, is ideal for women of a certain age and has been tried, tested, and succeeded in providing youthful-looking, plump, well-rested eyes.

Power Plant Mall - Estee Lauder

Now, whose mom doesn’t need this extra boost? The brand’s makeup line had its humble beginnings in Mrs. Lauder’s kitchen where she mixed and made lipsticks in her stove and eventually became a worldwide phenomenon. Its roots are evident in the rich pigments ranging from berry shades to earth tones and everything in between.

Power Plant Mall - Estee Lauder

Just as there are different kinds of moms, there’s a lip color for every personality and lifestyle; a simple swipe of color makes a world of difference not only in her appearance but to her confidence and well-being as well. Shop for mom at Estée Lauder this May and avail of special packaging that’s just as delicious as their goodies!




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